Digital Market Place

Through VBS digital market place, we have sold more than 5.6 billion of flowers each year.

Growers come together and present their best plants in the market. The selling of their products and flowers is made easy through VBS digital market place. Throughout the years of operations, we have helped flower farm growers and flower shops with their businesses.

The bidding can happen anywhere our customers are at. They can do everything online and even set up an automatic delivery schedule. The right pricing is guaranteed through our transparency in data.

Auction services

VBS has been in the business since 1899. We’ve been in the flower auction even before the existence of the internet. Before it was hard labour but now, convenience is delivered effortlessly through the help of technology. We maximize technology and integrate it with our efficient organization procedures. With VBS, everyone can enjoy the beautiful bouquet of flowers anytime especially during important occasions such as the Amsterdam holiday.

Direct sales

We also cater to direct buyers who would love to have fresh flowers on a scheduled basis. Customers may pre-order their prefered species of flowers and set an auto delivery request.

VBS also invites customers to come and visit our site. We have a large facility perfect for flowers and plants and also for spectators. They can buy directly on site to save on delivery.

Intermediation services

VBS continues to improve the procedures in flower auctioning. VBS saw the need for intermediation between suppliers and direct consumers. This way, transactions are faster through the help of our payment programs and services. Flower growers will also benefit as they don’t have to worry about logistics and shipping. We also set the right pricing for them to avoid selling their products too low or too high-priced. Our intermediation services are backed by reliable data and market research.