Flowers’ Role In Ecosystem

Flowers’ Role In Ecosystem

Food Source of Bees and Other Insects

Flowers plays more than just a pretty face in the ecosystem. Without their nectar, bees won’t be able to make honey. We all know that honey is a huge business around the world. Bees are not just regular consumers of flowers, we have other insects and birds counting on flowers for food as well. Flowers are vibrant and colourful to attract insects such as bees for pollination. Other plants surrounding flowers also benefits from the pollinating activity that happens daily.

Attracts a Plethora of Life

Flowers help our ecosystem flourish. They attract life. Scientists conducted experiments on how an environment will work without flowers compared to an environment with flowers. The experiment showed us how flowers attract a plethora of life to the area and contribute to the facilitation of expansion in our environment. For an environment to thrive, there have to be activities between coexisting animals and plants. Flowers make that happen. With their beautiful appearance, they attract insects and other animals. Then when there’s a number of insects, prey would come to hunt and it begins the unending cycle of the food chain.

Figuratively, flowers also attract people. You’ll see a lot of them in dinner cruise Amsterdam. But next time you see them, look beyond their beauty.

Medicinal Use

Research groups found out that flowers have anti-bacterial properties and possess healing compounds. Companies also use flowers as an ingredient to their cosmetic products. Events in Amsterdam canal tour presented various products with flower extract. Consumers are very responsive in patronizing this products. Chinese people use dried flowers as their tea. They believe that flowers are healthy for the body and help us to flush out harmful toxins. Other medicines in the market today contain flower extract in them. It goes to show that flowers are not just good for the environment but also to humans.

The World will Be Dull and Grey Without Them

Have you been in boat rental Amsterdam? Have you noticed the singularity of colour in the area? Without flowers, our world will be just green and some touch of blue. Flowers contribute to the colour of their surrounding. We cannot imagine the world without them.